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Who We Are

Chico Resources for Cats is a webpage run by numerous animal welfare groups in the greater Chico area that provide resources for cats and kittens.  The goal of this site is to let the community know what resources are available, how to access those resources, and how to proceed when assistance isn't available. 


We hope that you find this information helpful -

please read on for resources!  

For more ideas, please see the Self-Help Resources page.

Butte Humane Society
(530) 343-7917

BHS logo.jpg

Butte Humane Society (BHS) is a limited-admission animal shelter. Founded in 1911, BHS is a fully donation-funded 501(c)3 agency. It does not receive any city, county, state, or federal funding. Animals sheltered at BHS are either owner-surrendered animals or animals transferred from over-crowded local and regional animal shelters. We accept healthy, adoptable animals into our adoption program.


What services BHS provides:

  • Animal rescue and adoption

  • Rehoming services

  • Low cost spay & neuter

  • Non-emergency public veterinary care (general wellness/prevention)

  • Pet food and supply pantry

  • Humane education programs

  • Emergency Second Responder support


What services BHS doesn't provide:

  • Stray/Hold (BHS does not accept stray/found/lost animals. Contact the city or county animal shelter where the animal was found) 

  • Animal cruelty/neglect reports

  • City or county animal control enforcement

  • Wildlife rehabilitation


For more information about BHS services and programs, visit or fill out a rehoming application to rehome your pet.

Chico Animal Shelter
(530) 894-5630

CAS logo.jpg

The City of Chico Animal Shelter is part of Chico Animal Services, a section of the Chico Police Department.  Animal Services is responsible for enforcing all City animal related ordinances and state laws and is responsible for quarantining animals for rabies observation.  Animals Services is also responsible for taking in sick or injured stray dogs or cats.  All medical care is provided through the generosity of donations from the community.  Chico Animal Services is not a rehoming agency and does not accept surrendered cats. 

Chico Animal Services recognizes there are no leash laws for cats, that cats are allowed to roam, that many outdoor cats either have an owner, have multiple people feeding them or get food from one or more sources, and that healthy stray cats do not need to be brought to the shelter.  Therefore, Chico Animal Services does not take in healthy stray cats. We do encourage and participate in trap-neuter-return (TNR) as the best way to manage the community's cat population.

Please visit our website for more information and resources on what to do if you see a cat or kitten outdoors.

Chico Cat Coalition  

CCC logo.png

The Chico Cat Coalition was formed in early 1998 to trap,

shelter, care for and rehome the Bidwell Park colony of cats.

In our many years of operation, we have taken in over 1000

cats and adopted out over 900 cats.

The Chico Cat Coalition (CCC) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit, fully

volunteer-run organization. While the CCC no longer traps feral cats, the CCC is now part sanctuary/part adoption center for surrendered and stray cats ages 6 months-adults in the greater Chico area. We are not set up to take in kittens younger than 6 months.

We currently are at full capacity. Please contact to get on our waiting list.

Friends United in Rescue (FUR)
(530) 413-7955

FUR logo.webp

Friends United in Rescue, Inc (FUR) was founded by a small group of women after the 2018 Camp Fire roared through Butte County, CA.  Once evacuations were lifted in the devastated towns of Paradise and Magalia, Friends United in Rescue, Inc began an 18 month rescue operation, searching for lost pets and reuniting them with their rightful owners.
Today, FUR's headquarters are located in Chico where our main focus is working with the community by adopting out cats and kittens.  We also help other programs with TNR resources, and continue to help communities who are affected by wildfires in Northern California.

FUR is completely foster based and 100% funded by adoptions, donations and grants.  While this limits our scope at times, we work to help as many people in the community as we can.

To get on our waiting list, please fill in the FUR Request Form.

Neighborhood Cat Advocates
(530) 324-2292

Cat Advocate Logo_transparent-01.png

Neighborhood Cat Advocates (NCA) is a volunteer-run group that does TNR - trap, spay/neuter, and return of feral and unowned cats. 

NCA does not rehome cats or kittens; we don't have an adoption program or a shelter.  We only do TNR.

Our service area is Chico and within 20 miles of Chico.  If you are not in our service area, we will do our best to find an organization in your area that can help you.  

If there are feral or unowned cats in your neighborhood that need to be spayed/neutered, the fastest way to get on our waiting list is by filling out an online form, found at the top of our website and also found here:  NCA Online Form.

Due to a severe lack of spay/neuter appointments, we nearly always have a waiting list.  But please get on the waiting list and we will get to you when we can!

PawPrints Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (P-SNAP)
(530) 895-179

P-SNAP issues vouchers that help pay for the cost of spay/neuter surgery for companion (owned) animals. Our funding comes from PawPrints Thrift Boutique, located at 1360 E. 1st Ave. in Chico.

Our service area is Chico and within 20 miles of Chico.  If you live outside of our service area, we will do our best to find an organization in your area that can help you.  

If you have a companion cat (or dog!) and need financial help with getting your animal spayed or neutered, please call the P-SNAP helpline at 530-895-1791.  You will get an answering machine, but leave a message and one of our volunteers will call you back. 

As a reminder, this program is not intended for feral or stray cats or dogs.


Please speak slowly and clearly when leaving a message.  If you don't get a call back within 2 days, please call again in case the volunteer had trouble understanding your phone number.  

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